Sunday, June 3, 2012

Florida Finale

Here's a look at our last few days in Florida.  Bittersweet.  We have loved LOVED living here for the last 3 years but are so excited to be closer to family again.  With that said, if there was anywhere else I had to live away from family, I would choose Naples every time! 

Right in the middle of finals Adam decided we could fit in one more quick trip to disney with our best friends the Clark Family. 

Magic Kingdom
 Pirates: Wyatt, Megan & Gracie
and don't forget Sawyer! 
 It took a minute but eventually he figured out how to escape Winnie the Pooh's house through the window...then that's all he wanted to do until we got on the ride :)

 Happiest place on earth!

Adam's parents came for graduation and to help us move but we managed to fit in a few touristy things along the way...

See the gator right behind Wyatt?
 My favorite buddy boo!

The Naples Pier
 Tell me that's not the cutest face you ever saw?!
5th Avenue 

Thomas Edison/Henry Ford Mansions
 Grandma Syd & Wyatt
 Coolest tree ever!
 3 generations
 Wyatt was really good at listening to the recordings :)

Corkscrew Sanctuary
 This is the first place I've seen in Florida that even slightly resembles Utah
 Gator Nest
 Sleepy Babies

Greyhound Dog Races
 Wyatt & his girlfrien Olivia
 Yep Wyatt is the only boy in most groups of friends
 Spencer, Adam & Sawyer
 The Hensley Crew

 Graduation--We made it!!!
 So proud of Adam's hard work balancing being a dad, husband & student!
 Proud Parents
Goodbye for now Florida!
We are so grateful for all great friends and memories made there. What a great experience to add to our book of life :)